3D Molecular Symmetry Info
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3DMolSym is an educational program designed to visualize the symmetry elements of molecules and to animate the corresponding symmetry operations in an interactive 3D environment. It is aimed to help chemistry students conceive the symmetry properties of the molecular structure.

3DMolSym includes a database with symmetry and geometry data of 48 organic and inorganic molecules, corresponding to all point groups of chemical interest.
The user can search the database via the Graphical User Interface and filter the molecules by their symmetry elements or point group . The user can also filter the symmetry elements of a selected molecule by their type or by their order.

With 3DMolSym you can:

  • Display any compination of the symmetry elements of a selected molecule.
  • Perform any symmetry operation of a selected molecule.
  • Adjust the speed and pause the animation of a symmetry operation.
  • Display a molecule in Ball n' Stick, Wireframe, Sticks or Space Filling format.
  • Rotate, translate and zoom a molecule to any viewpoint.
  • Store and recall 4 preferred view points.
  • View information about the symmetry elements and point group of a molecule.

Screen Shot of 3DMolSym